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A unique fishing village on the coast of the Forth, proud of its traditions, culture and history.

It could be said that Newhaven is much like any other fishing village that skirted the East coast of Scotland. However, in so many ways it is truly unequalled because of its heritage borne out of the domineering presence of its feudal lords, the big city of Edinburgh, and its proximity to the important port of Leith. This website reflects the rich story of the village of Newhaven-on-Forth and its villagers that not only lived in the village but formed its redoubtable character.

Newhaven once had a very popular Community Museum down at the harbour. It closed in 2007 due to Council cut-backs. Indeed visitors to Edinburgh still go looking for it. It is the vision and ambition of Newhaven Heritage to one day re-establish a museum in the modern idiom within a Heritage and Cultural Centre and to recount the history of a community forged by the trials and travails of the perilous nature of fishing.

Until that day arrives, this website will serve that purpose.

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